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Recreational Ball (Rec Ball)

SYB Rec ball is one of the largest programs in the area.  SYB plays Hot Stove Baseball in which the H Maroon and higher Leagues can play in the end of the season Hot Stove Tournament.  The regular season is 16 games in H Gold through G League. F League and E Leagues join with other communities.


SYB rec ball is competitive baseball with community based teams.



Fall Ball


SYB Fall Ball typically will have upwards of 40 teams across H Maroon, G, and F league.  This league gives players a chance to get in up to 12 more games before fall sets in.  Up to three 8 year olds may play on an H Maroon (9-10 year old) team.  Teams are formed by coaches or individual signups will be placed with teams. Teams from local cities participate and the rules are slightly different to accommodate equipment and rules used across the area.  Individual Signups will be placed with teams that have openings and may be from any community.


SIgnups for Fall Ball WIll be in July.  Contact Tom Hebrling with questions about managing or participating.