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2019 F-League Rules – Stow – Kent -Streetsboro

  1. Once a game has started, the home plate umpire is in complete charge of the game.  No player, spectator, manager, or coach shall yell at, heckle, or touch an umpire.  No coach, manager, spectator, or player is permitted to verbally “ride” the umpire, “call” balls and strikes on a pitch, or utter anything in an attempt to intimidate the ump or affect his calling of the game.  Managers will stress this point to their coaches, players, and spectators.  Any abusive language or action by a player, spectator, manager, or coach directed at the umpire or opposing players shall be called to the attention of the managers.  The managers shall ask the coaches, players, or spectators to refrain from the use of abusive language or actions.  If this is not followed, the umpire may eject the manager, coach, player, or spectator, and secondly call a forfeit.
  2. No protest on an umpire’s judgment call will be considered.
  3. Excessive unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  The umpire shall give the team manager one warning, and if it persists, the umpire shall eject the individual.  If it continues, the umpire will call a forfeit.
  4. No coach, spectator, manager, or player will be permitted to yell at or distract a player on the opposing team.  The umpire shall give one warning, and if it persists, eject the individual.  If it continues, the umpire shall call a forfeit.  Team cheering shall be permitted as long as it is in a sportsmanlike manner and not directed at the opposing team.   
  5. All players must wear full protective headgear while batting, running the bases, and catching.  If during a live ball situation, the headgear is intentionally removed, while running bases or after scoring, but before leaving the field of play, the runner is out.  Any player warming up a pitcher must wear a mask.                  
  6. Games will start on time or as soon as the minimum number of players (8) are present for each team (Games are to start within 15 minutes of the scheduled time or a forfeit will be called).  Players that arrive after game starts will be put at bottom of order.  Game time may be modified as required by local community field rules.   If a game is forfeited try to play so that the players have the opportunity to play baseball, even if it means sharing players.
  7. In the event of lightning, thunder, rain, darkness, or any other situation which would affect the continuance of game due to safety or field conditions, the home plate umpire has the final authority to stop the game. The players should be removed to a safe place until weather improves.  After a 30-minute interval, the umpire should decide whether to continue or officially stop the game.    If lightning is visible at any time during a game, play stops immediately and the above rules apply as with any other weather condition.   
  8. Any game that is TIED when it is called is a SUSPENDED game that will be completed at a later date, resuming from the exact point that play was halted.
  9. Any game that has NOT completed 5 innings (or 4 ½ innings with the home team winning) is a SUSPENDED game that will be completed at a later date, resuming from the exact point that play was halted.
  10. If the game has completed 5 innings (or 4 ½ innings with the home team winning), it is a complete regulation game with the following exceptions:
    1. If the game is called during an INCOMPLETE inning in which the visiting team has scored 1 or more runs to tie the game or take the lead, it is a SUSPENDED game that will be completed at a later date, resuming from the exact point that play was halted. 


  1. Rules concerning the completion of a SUSPENDED game at a later date:
  1. Players in original lineup who are NOT present for game’s completion are skipped in the batting order, NO out is taken.  Same as if a player left a game early.
  2. Players NOT in original lineup who ARE present for the game’s completion are added to the bottom of the round-robin batting order.  Same as if a player arrived late to a game.
  3. Innings pitched in original game do count against a pitcher if game completed on another day.
  4. SUSPENDED games resume from the exact point that play was halted.  SUSPENDED games NEVER start over from the beginning.
  1. A team shall become the responsibility of the manager 15 minutes before the game/practice and shall remain his responsibility for 15 minutes after the game/practice completes, for its conduct on and off the field.  He shall be relieved of this responsibility when the parents take the youth from the field.  A manager shall not leave until all players are picked up.
  2. Managers and coaches shall be properly attired at all games. Anyone in violation will be ejected from the game until properly attired (no cutoffs or tank tops).
  3. Any umpire ejection of a manager, coach, spectator, or player must be filed in writing by the umpire and the manager/coach to the League Commissioner within 24 hours of game time to explain the incident.  In the event of an ejection during a game, the ejected manager/coach/spectator/player will also sit out the next scheduled league game.  The manager/coach/spectator/player must not be present at the playing field as a coach or SPECTATOR, and must be out of sight and ear-shot of the umpire and the playing field.  If the manager/coach/spectator/player is near the playing field during his suspension, the umpire will stop play until he leaves, or the umpire will call a forfeit.
    1. Any person ejected from game must remain out of sight and ear-shot of the umpire and the playing field.
  4. It is recommended that all boys wear athletic supporters.
  5. All catchers must wear protective headgear, cup, throat guards, and proper catching equipment.                  PENALTY:  Cannot play in the game as a catcher.
  6. All protests must be submitted to the League Commissioner in writing no later than 24 hours from time of protest.   In order to be valid, the protest must be brought to the attention of the opposing team and the umpire at the time of the occurrence.  No umpire judgment call can be protested.


SYB League Director, Kent and Streetsboro League Directors   

  1. A team must have eight players to start a game.  If unable to field eight players a forfeit will be called. 
  2. There will be round-robin batting order.


  1.  There are no automatic outs in the line-up. The only exception to this rule is if a player is ejected.  Then, that spot in the batting order becomes an automatic out every time the ejected player is scheduled to bat. However, if a player has to leave for work, illness, injury, personal reasons, etc., the spot is merely bypassed and is NOT an automatic out.  If a player misses a turn at bat for any reason in a game, that player is not eligible to return for the remainder/balance of that game.
  2. NO collisions are allowed.  If the defensive player is blocking the base and has the ball in hand OR has a chance at making a play, the runner must slide to avoid a collision; if the base runner fails to properly slide and causes a collision with the fielder, the umpire will call him out.  This is a judgment call.  If a defensive player is blocking a base without the ball in hand AND has no chance of making a play, thus causing a collision, the runner will be ruled safe whether he slides or not.  If a defensive player goes up the line and is blocking the line without the ball, the base runner should run around the defensive player to avoid the collision, without fear of being called out.  Sliding is not required at first base.
  3. A runner cannot deliberately crash into a defensive player who has clear possession of the ball to make a tag.  The runner cannot use a forearm block, or block of any type.  Runner can slide hard.                                                  PENALTY:  Runner is out and ejected from game at the umpire’s discretion.
  4. A defensive player shall not fake a tag on a runner without the ball or when no play is imminent.                  PENALTY:  Ejection. (umpire discretion) 
  5. The hidden ball trick is not allowed. PENALTY: A Balk is declared; all runners advance one base. No warning shall be given.


  1. League-issued uniforms are to be worn on the playing field at all times during all league games.  In particular, the league-issued baseball hats are part of the uniform and must be worn at all times in the field.  
  2. Regular game shall consist of 7 innings.
  1. If one team is leading by 10 runs or more at the end of the 5th or 6th inning (4 ½ innings or 5 ½ innings if the home team is ahead) the game shall be ended and the team leading will be declared the winner)
  1. A pitcher will be removed from pitching if he hits 3 batters in 1 inning, or hits a total of 4 during a game (Pitchers will pitch a maximum of 12 outs per game and a maximum of 15 outs per day)
    1. If a pitcher is removed from the mound during a defensive half inning and moved to the bench, he may not re-enter the game as a pitcher.  If a pitcher is removed and placed in a defensive fielding position (not to bench) he can come back to pitch one time.
    2. A pitcher’s first pitch thrown will constitute one out for the pitcher.
  2. An inning will consist of eight (8) runs or three (3) outs, whichever comes first
    1. The 7th inning and every inning after the 7th will have the unlimited run rule.
  3. The pitching distance will be 55 feet.  The base distance will be 80 feet.
  4. Legal bats will be -5 (drop 5) maximum and be no more than 2 ¾ inches in diameter.


  1. The two-inning playing rule
    1. Starters must play a minimum of twelve (outs), counting the offensive and defensive outs.  These outs do not need to be consecutive but must be played prior to the conclusion of the game.  An un-played half inning (such as the bottom of the 5th or 7th) does not count as part of the player’s time in the game.
    2. Nonstarters THE TWO INNING RULE:
      1. Non-starters (substitutes) must play a minimum of two innings, twelve (12) consecutive outs, counting the offensive and defensive outs.   Nonstarters must be substituted into the game by the top of the 3rd inning.  (Prior to start of 3rd inning).
    3. After meeting the requirements of a. and b. above, manager may use free re-entry of all players while maintaining the original batting order
  2. The manager or coach may take one trip to the pitching mound per inning for each pitcher used, provided that it is not done for the purpose of delaying the game. A second trip to the same pitcher in the same inning will cause this pitcher’s automatic removal as a pitcher for the remainder of the game and he shall not, under any circumstances return to the mound as a pitcher. THIRD VISIT IN THE GAME IS AN AUTOMATIC REMOVAL OF THE PITCHER AS A PITCHER FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE GAME.  Any change of a pitcher during an inning constitutes a trip to the mound for the pitcher being removed.
  3. Metal spikes are permitted

34.  The Ohio High School Baseball rules apply to all league games, as amended by "Stow, Kent, Streetsboro League Specific Rules 2019 Season".